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Video control

Usage example

The following markup will render 500x300 Youtube video player.

<%@ Register TagPrefix="ow" Namespace="OpenWaves.Video.Web.Controls" Assembly="OpenWaves.Video" %>
<ow:Video ID="VideoControl2" VideoUrl="" Width="500" Height="300" runat="server" CssClass="videoClass" EnableClientSideApis="true" IncludeVideoPluginScript="true"/>


VideoUrl - url to a video. The url must be valid and supported by on of the VideoApis.

Width, Height - video player dimensions

CssClass - css class which will be rendered on the player HTML element.

EnableClientSideApis - When set true Video control will embed JavaScript files for video websites APIs

IncludeVideoPluginScript - When set to true Video controll will embed plugin which unifies JavaScript APIS for Youtube and Vimeo. See JavaScript Api for more information.

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